Ticking Crocodiles

Time’s a bird

In dreamland: where

Clouds obscure absurdity-

Know nothing of the sour air, the

Insipidity that is reality;

Neverland, behind closed eyes, is closer,

Green grass grows there, and I heard

Clocks tick slower, even stop;

Raunchy pirates flaunt their swords;

Ostentatious fairies sprinkle wonder;

Crocodiles chase the cowards

Over, through, around your slumber.

Dreaming eyes see clearly

In the haze that floats and

Lingers in forever twilight, shielding

Effervescent stars and

Shrouding dreams in its moonlit luster.

Split Pea Soup

Brother and I were hunting fairies and

Catching colds in the winter air

From staying out too late trying to snatch


Shooting stars with our tongues and

Making wishes on falling flakes of snow.

Dreaming of days when Mom’s voice,


Breathing miasma into our fairyland of snow,

Wouldn’t beckon us inside to sit at the table and

Listen to Dad and Mom discuss the details


Of some tenant down the street who ate

A bullet, and how no one saw it coming.

But Dad said that all eggs crack eventually.


All the while they sat pondering the

Screwdriver across the hall

Who made his kids work on saturdays,


And maybe we should have them over for dinner.