They were living the dream-

Their dream:

All candles and sea hair

In Carmel-by-the-Sea,

Where crisp breezes flow

Through wispy ocean trees;

Where they lie in tequila sunrises

Finding each other in daydreams

Of tangled cotton sheets and hair.


In a web of silk and satin sand,

Skin in moonlit waters shone;

He laughed of sailing to the sea,

She talked of driving south when

Summer trees succumbed to fall.


Twilight cooled a burning love to embers,

And as every pipe dream greys,

The tide came up to wash away

Their moonlit reverie,

And ebbed back to the sea;

Summer came to end and

In its wake of silky sand lay bones

Of broken dreams and driftwood.

A Criminal Mind

Sit alone in darkness-


Who is that behind the door?

A motor revving just outside-

Be still-

A boot upon the floor.

Clomping, heavy, up the steps,

Metal clinking with each step-

Closer, closer-

Sneak and hide.

Make no noise, you might survive.

A deadbolt’s thump,

A creaking door-

Dead silence in the shadows thrive.

You take a breath- too loud,

He heard you.

Faster, now, the feet approaching-

A darkness halts before your hold.

A knee bends down-

A face appears, smiles slow:

“I see you there”

He whispers, low.


Sick, and sweetly

I fell, I stuck in the

Caramel of your eyes and

Words that captured me

From the moment I saw the

Sweetness of your smile


that peeked from behind a

peppermint mouth which

kissed my lips in the blackness

of licorice nighttime,

spun webs of sugar words

that tangled my honey heartstrings.


Cotton candy hair in

pillow mint sheets and

sweet nothings in my ear

shook me to my cherry core,

for when you unglued your

cloying lips from mine


it all spilled out,

your recipe for my disaster:

you were a master spinner,

delicately weaving a sugar web

for my demise: a sticky sweet trap

so you could steal my mallow heart


crystallize it,

and smash it on the floor.



You were fresh in winter,

when lifelessness blossomed in snow and ice.

When twisted trunks of barren trees crushed

flowers, grey and dull, frozen in the soil.



You were burning in spring,

when the world woke up from slumber.

When trees began new life, fresh and lush,

flowers, budding, young, emerged from dirt.



You were bright in summer,

when everything was hot and yellow.

When trees grew tall and strong,

flowers, vibrant, bold, bloomed in full.



You were different in the fall,

when bitter winds began to form.

When fires burned on tree tops,

Flowers, still softly colored, wilted gracefully


in submission to the

cycle that controls us all-

even the mighty fall to the

delicate decay of life.

Crystallized Ginger and Fishy Kisses

Your tangled ginger hair

– crystaled by the moonlight bright-

A pair of ice blue eyes

-shining like the stars, so light-

Your rosy lips just brushing mine

-sugared, as a candied pear-

Reflections in the fountain shine

-frosted by the midnight air-

Nose to nose, eyes closed, we kiss

-thrilling, yes, but not a scare.