Lava Blue

So chaos again subsides to peace;


so again can sullen eyes

be brightened.


As all great waves

these times will turn,

smooth to softly swelling froth.


Surrender to its presence,

gaze into the stormy eye,

drown in thoughts and choke

on salt within your lungs,


let it toss you in the foam and mist,

shroud you in a restless stillness,

smothering your breath

as tension heightens

with the wave.


Feel the ocean’s spray

upon your cheeks. See

the licking waves crest ever higher,

ebb to meet the wind and rain.


Fall into the water,

surround yourself in lava blue,

succumb to it and listen


as the ocean flares it’s stifled tongue,

splenetic, sharp, and surly,


and embrace the vengeance of the sea.

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