Children of War

Image by André Kertész, 1915 “The Fairy Tale”
For those still suffering from war and disaster, and in memory of those who have served and are serving.

Look, these quiet men:

lungs caked by the dirt

between their bare toes

and the broken walls they lean on,

their only solace resting

open between the three of them,

yellowed from oil on tiny fingers

turning to the next adventure

as they huddle against the cold

flowing through their patchy knees,

to read in silence the fairy tale

described upon the crusty pages.


Look at these men- quiet,

only boys really,

as they crowd around this book

which holds what they can

recall of their boyhood,

which tells them what

it’s like to be a child

in a world without war;

showing them the dreams

of children not haunted by nightmares.

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