Sick, and sweetly

I fell, I stuck in the

Caramel of your eyes and

Words that captured me

From the moment I saw the

Sweetness of your smile


that peeked from behind a

peppermint mouth which

kissed my lips in the blackness

of licorice nighttime,

spun webs of sugar words

that tangled my honey heartstrings.


Cotton candy hair in

pillow mint sheets and

sweet nothings in my ear

shook me to my cherry core,

for when you unglued your

cloying lips from mine


it all spilled out,

your recipe for my disaster:

you were a master spinner,

delicately weaving a sugar web

for my demise: a sticky sweet trap

so you could steal my mallow heart


crystallize it,

and smash it on the floor.

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